نحوه نوشتن عبارات پیچیده writing task 2

Writing Complex Sentences in IELTS.

It is important to use some ‘complex sentences’ in IELTS writing task 2 otherwise you are unlikely to get a band 6.5 or above. However, not all of your sentences have to be  ‘complex’ you need to use simple sentences too.

Remember that grammar accounts for 25% of your marks in the writing tasks but there is some confusion in IELTS about what a ‘complex sentence’ actually is.

Should you focus on grammatical range or accuracy? This is a common question, I would advise focussing on accuracy first and when you have developed more confidence work on your range. If you have a wide range of grammar but it is inaccurate then it’s useless.

In this post we are going to look at:

  1. Points to consider about complex sentences.
  2. Understanding independent and dependent clauses
  3. How to construct complex sentences using various grammar structures.

Key point: Do not just memorise complex sentences, you need to be able to use them naturally. I advise working on these with a grammar book or a teacher long before you take your IELTS test. Just keep them simple and do not complicate it.

Here is a blog post about being concise

In the following examples, I have taken sentences from IELTS exam topics such as Crime, Environment, Health issues, Technology and Society.

نحوه نوشتن عبارات پیچیده writing task 2

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