نمودار process - تولید مثل زنبور عسل

IELTS writing task 1 natural process diagram, honey bees

In IELTS writing task 1 process diagrams you will often see a diagram on how something is made or how something works with all the steps included.

Something that used to be quite common in IELTS was a natural process diagram such as the lifecycle of a butterfly, a honey bee or a weather cycle showing evaporation and rainfall. It’s still worth practicing writing about natural processes in case one comes up again in the exam.

Language to use for this task

As with all processes the passive voice and sequencers (first of all, after that, subsequently, following this, finally .. etc) are most commonly used.

However, In the task below, I have not used the passive and opted for a present simple active form (the egg hatches, a nymph appears, the nymph moults…etc) because this is a natural process and natural processes do not usually need the passive form.

Start by paraphrasing the introduction and give a brief overview of the process. Aim for over 150 words but under 190 words.

Model Answer

The diagram below shows the life cycle of a Honey Bee.

ILETS honey bee cycle

The diagram depicts the steps involved in the life cycle of a honey bee. Overall the whole process takes between 34 and 36 days and there are five stages in this cycle from the hatching of the egg, to the shedding stages and finally a mature adult bee.

To begin with, the female adult bee usually lays one or two eggs every three days. Following this, after a period of nine to ten days, the egg hatches and a nymph appears. In the subsequent nine days after hatching, the nymph moults up to three times as it grows in size. ieltsfocus.com

Looking at the moulting process, this happens five days after the nymph emerges from the egg, then again at seven days and then nine days after it hatches. Eventually, after this skin shedding process is complete, the nymph forms into a young adult and it then takes a further four days for the bee to reach full maturity.

159 words

Keywords: hatching, shedding, moulting, emerges, forms, grows

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