نحوه نوشتن رایتینگ Agree or Disagree (Opinion essay)

نحوه نوشتن رایتینگ agree or disagree opinion essay

نحوه نوشتن رایتینگ نوع opinion essay (IELTS Writing)

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IELTS opinion essay: structure, model answer and analysis

5 نوع رایتینگ در بخش 2 آیلتس وجود دارد و یکی از رایج‌ترین آنها رایتینگ opinion است. برای دیدن انواع سوالات رایج رایتینگ آیلتس تسک 2 کلیک کنید. اما چگونه می‌توان نوع سوال  رایتینگ opinion را تشخیص داد؟

در ادامه 2 سوال رایتینگ آیلتس تسک 2 آمده است، به نظر شما کدام یک رایتینگ نوع opinion است؟

1.  Most people agree that money cannot buy happiness.
Why is happiness difficult to define?
How can people achieve happiness?

2.  Some people believe that nowadays we have too many choices.
To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Looking at the instruction words we can see that the second one is an opinion essay as it asks ‘To what extent do you agree or disagree? ‘

The first task is called a ‘Two-part question essay’ or sometimes called a ‘Direct question essay’.

instruction words در حقیقت همان سوال کلی است که در آخر رایتینگ آیلتس از شما پرسیده می‌شود. مدل‌های مخلتف instruction words در ادامه آمده است.

Instruction words

					To what extent do you agree or disagree?
Do you agree or disagree?
What is your opinion?
Do you think…?
What do you think….?
In your opinion what is ….?

ساختار رایتینگ‌های discussion با رایتینگ‌های opinion متفاوت است زیرا شما باید قبل از اظهار نظر خود، برای دیدگاه دیگران دلیل بیاورید. مراقب باشید اگرچه در بسیاری از موارد instruction words نظر شما را می پرسند اما ممکن است یک discussion essay مانند زیر باشد:

					Discuss both views and give your own opinion

نوع سوال دیگری که شما ممکن است گمراه شوید two-part question یا direct question است. به طور کلی سوال رایتینگ زیر یک two-part question essay است، اما توجه داشته باشید، در قسمت دوم سوال نظر شما را می پرسد.

Most people agree that money cannot buy happiness.
Why is happiness difficult to define?
How can people achieve happiness?

ساختار رایتنیگ agree/ disagree

رایتینگ opinion در بیشتر مواقع از شما می پرسد “To what extent do you agree or disagree” به این معنی که چقدر موافق / مخالف هستید؟ ، کاملاً موافقید / مخالفید؟ یا تا حدودی موافق / مخالف؟ یا نه موافقید و نه مخالف؟

می توانید در thesis statement خود چیزی مانند این بنویسید: “I completely agree with because
یا اگر موافق نیستید چیزی مانند:”I totally with this  disagree because” بنویسید.

می‌توان دو سناریو را برای رایتینگ Opinion طراحی کرد:

  1. مخالف یا موافق باشید. (Choosing one side)
  2. اگر نظر متعادل داشته باشید (Balanced idea)

هیچ ساختار جادویی باند 9 وجود ندارد، اما مطمئن باشید که ساختار زیر در رایتینگ opinion به خوبی کار می کند. این ساختار برای زمانی است که یک سمت موضوع را انتخاب می‌کنید. ساختار با نظر متعادل در آموزش‌های ویژه دوره‌های آیلتس زندی موجود می‌باشد، برای دیدن ساختار با نظر متعادل اینجا کلیک کنید.

Choosing one side

نکاتی در مورد ساختار رایتینگ Opinion Essay

  • پاراگراف‌های body دلایل نظر شما را پوشش می‌دهند، اما دلایل را لیست نکنید، فقط از یک ایده اصلی استفاده کنید و آن را توضیح دهید و از آن پشتیبانی کنید.
  • منتظر پاراگراف نتیجه‌گیری نباشید تا نظر خود را اعلام کنید. نتیجه‌گیری باید در کل رایتینگ شرح داده شود.
  • 2 نظر متفاوت ندهید. مثلاً موافق باشید، سپس مخالف کنید زیرا باعث سردرگمی ممتحن می شود. شما می توانید آن را با این دلیل که کسی دیدگاه مخالفی دارد تعادل دهید. اما مراقب باشید، زیرا رایتینگ Opinion به راحتی می‌تواند به یک رایتینگ discussion تبدیل شود.
  • مقدمه باید زیر 55 کلمه باشد، هر پاراگراف body باید تقریبا 90 تا 100 کلمه نوشته شود، نتیجه‌گیری باید کوتاه‌تر از مقدمه باشد و هیچ ایده جدیدی در نتیجه گیری اضافه نشود.
  • بین 270 تا 290 کلمه هدف داشته باشید، بیش از 300 کلمه واقع بینانه نیست زیرا شما فقط 40 دقیقه برای نوشتن رایتینگ آیلتس تسک 2 فرصت دارید. از جهت دیگر خطر off-topic شدن وجود دارد.

تمرین برای تقویت رایتینگ

در زیر چند جمله نوشته شده است. ممکن است یک یا چند اشتباه در جمله‌ها وجود داشته باشد. شما باید آنها را اصلاح کنید، سپس جواب خودتان را بررسی کنید.

  1. In my opinion, I believe that studying history is extremely important in term of learning about culture, and science, medicine development.
  2. On the one hand, history is a subject that is rarely used in people’s lives. Thus, it would be better to focus on science and technology, which is more relevant to the future.
  3. In other word, they should use the school time effectively, because students are losing the motivation to study subjects like history that has no important role in day to day life.
  4. For instance, most people memorize dates, names, and facts when they study history. This information is not useful for the future.
  5. Furthermore, Valuable information can often be found in history, how science and medicine had developed over the years.
  6. In conclusion, although history has many information that not used today, studying history is important for our present as will as for our future.
  1. In my opinion, studying history is extremely important in terms of learning about culture and the development of science and medicine. (The linking word “and” can be used to link items in a list as well as clauses.)
  2. On the one hand, as history is a subject that is rarely used in people’s lives, it would be better to focus on science and technology, which is more relevant to the future. (Combine the sentences to make one complex structure. 33 words is a good length but don’t try for much more than that.)
  3. In other words, school time should be used effectively because students are losing the motivation to study subjects such as history that has no important role in day-to-day life. (Linking words.)
  4. For instance, most people memorize dates, names, and facts when they study history which is not considered useful information for the future. (Combine the sentences.)
  5. Furthermore, valuable information can often be found in history which relates to how science and medicine have developed over the years. (Grammar: capital letters and tenses.)
  6. In conclusion, although history has a lot of information that is not used in today’s life, studying history is still important for our present as well as for our future. (The main issues are grammar and writing the sentence so that it contains a more precise meaning.)

Linking Words: You can also see that a number of linking words have also been corrected. Linking words are easy to learn but students still make mistakes with forgetting the “s” or using non-academic linking words such as “like”. Make sure you all work on perfecting your linking.

نحوه نوشتن رایتینگ agree or disagree شماره 1

Some people believe that nowadays we have too many choices.
To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Model answer 1

It is argued that in recent times we have too many things to choose from. I agree with this to some extent, and I believe that having so many options enables consumers to purchase more competitively priced and higher quality products.

There is some truth in the argument that these days we have far too much choice which can result in overwhelm. However, I think that having so many options is a positive phenomenon because it forces businesses to compete with each other. This means that consumers can benefit greatly from prices coming down. To illustrate this, over the past two decades Ryanair and EasyJet budget airlines considerably reduced the cost of airfares for flights all over Europe. Prior to this, there was only one airline to choose from at exorbitant costs. Presently, many more budget airline options are serving every European destination with incredible bargains for customers.

Another reason why I believe that more choice is beneficial is that the quality of products has improved in recent years. This is because with so many businesses competing for customers’ attention, their main selling points are not only low prices but also much higher quality. For instance, smartphone costs have decreased in the past 5 years and handsets are more powerful and more durable than ever before. This is down to the fact that manufacturers have focused on quality control to compete with rival products. This has certainly been beneficial to consumers and would not have been possible with one or two companies monopolizing the smartphone market.

To conclude, despite the argument that there is too much freedom of choice nowadays, I think this is a positive trend as the plethora of options allows customers to buy inexpensive items without compromising on quality.

290 words

Model answer 2

These days, it is argued that people have a wide range of options to select from in various areas. In my view, I completely agree with having access to a variety of choices due to the impact of globalization and industrialization worldwide.

Globalization has tremendously affected people’s life by connecting nations and introducing new ideas and lifestyles to choose from. In other words, people’s level of communication has experienced dramatic growth through social media platforms, the tourism industry, and immigration in which information is exchanged. A good illustration of this is Melbourne city center – the food capital of Australia – where international cosines could be found and eclectic consumers could choose from a broad range of ethnical eateries every to celebrate new tastes. Therefore, people could reach and pick from various foods owing to global connectivity.

Another reason for individuals’ numerous alternatives is the effect of industrialization mainly in developed countries. To put it another way, industrial advancements have allowed manufacturers to produce fresh products differing from others. For instance, every smartphone brand regularly adds extra features and abilities to their gadgets making them unique and more progressed. Consequently, consumers of those goods have a variety of measures to compare and finally make a decision to purchase the product.

In conclusion, over the last decades, people have varied options in every aspect of life and I agree. In my opinion, two main factors including developments in the industry and globalization have opened up new criteria in people’s life to select, from the food industry to technological devices.

255 words

آنالیز رایتینگ نوع opinion essay شماره 1

1. در Thesis Statement نوشته‌ایم: تا حدودی با این موضوع موافقم، همچنین معتقدم که داشتن گزینه های بسیار زیاد، مصرف کنندگان را قادر می سازد محصولات با قیمت رقابتی تر و با کیفیت بالاتر خریداری کنند. این نشان می دهد که من موافقم اما همچنین ادامه می دهم که چیز خوبی است (Giving reasons) زیرا ما می‌توانیم محصولات ارزان تر را بخریم. برای آموزش بیشتر در مورد نحوه نوشتن مقدمه رایتینگ تسک 2 کلیک کنید.

2. نکاتی را در مورد اینکه چگونه انتخاب های بیشتر منجر به کاهش قیمت ها می‌گردد، در پاراگراف body 1 عنوان کردیم. این در حالی است که در پاراگراف body دوم، در مورد محصولات با کیفیت به دلیل وجود انتخاب های بیشتر، نکاتی را نوشتیم. برای آموزش بیشتر در مورد نحوه نوشتن body paragraph کلیک کنید.

3- مثالهایی که آورده شده است حقیقت ندارند، اما واقع گرایانه به نظر می رسند، ممتحن نمونه‌های شما را از نظر صحت درستی بررسی نمی‌کند. مثال‌ها برای حمایت از ایده های اصلی نوشته می‌شوند. برای آموزش بیشتر در مورد نحوه مثال زدن کلیک کنید.

4- نکاتی که در مقاله عنوان کردیم با مصرف گرایی و خرید ارتباط دارد، اما آنها را با نکاتی در رابطه با اینکه چگونه بسیاری از انتخاب‌ها به نفع مشتریان یا مصرف کنندگان است پیوند داده ایم، زیرا در کل داشتن بسیاری از انتخاب‌ها جنبه خوبی است.

5- در این نوع مقاله، می توانید در مورد سایر زمینه‌ها که داشتن بسیاری از انتخاب ها دلیل خوبی است، مانند انتخاب دانشگاه‌هایی برای ادامه تحصیل، انتخاب شغل در شرکت‌های بزرگ، انتخاب بیمارستان پیشرفته برای مراقبت های بهداشتی و غیره بنویسید.

نحوه نوشتن رایتینگ agree or disagree شماره 2

Students today can easily access information online, so libraries are no longer necessary.
Do you agree or disagree?

Model answer

It is argued that libraries are unnecessary these days due to the fact that students have easy access to information via the internet. I disagree with this because libraries allow people to attain specialized types of information and are important for students to study in a quiet environment.

Even though it is true that students find it much easier to get specific academic information connected to their studies on the internet, I think that libraries are still essential in schools and universities as well as public library facilities. One reason for this is that some types of specialised information cannot be found on the internet. For instance, most well-known academic authors do not immediately publish their recent work online, instead, they publish books explaining their analyses and results. Therefore these books are usually found in university or school libraries before they appear on the world wide web.

Another reason why I believe that they are necessary is that students need places to concentrate and focus. Libraries are perfect environments for this as they are very quiet and everyone there is motivated to investigate and study. As a result, they create an academic environment that encourages deep concentration. To illustrate this, there is some evidence to suggest that more and more students are spending a larger proportion of their time in the library researching and writing. This is because a silent academic atmosphere helps them to study harder which leads to better results in exams.

In conclusion, although the internet is of great benefit to students, I believe that libraries are still necessary as they grant access to specialized sources of information and their facilities provide better conditions for studying.

آنالیز رایتینگ نوع opinion essay شماره 2


The Word count is 282 words here, long enough. I disagreed with the opinion presented in the task question. In the main body one is the first reason why I disagree, in the main body two is the second reason why I disagree. The conclusion rephrases my views. My opinion and examples do not have to be true (actually I think academic authors first publish online rather than in books) but this doesn’t matter as I have taken the main idea and developed it. The examiner wants to see how you use language.

2 پاسخ

  1. سلام استاد
    خسته نباشید
    ممنون از توضیحات بسیار مفیدتون
    عذرخواهی می کنم آیا شما کتابی رو میتونین معرفی کنین حالا چه برای خودتون باشه و چه دیگری که دقیقا به همین سبک بالا که نوشتین رایتینگ ها رو پاسخ داده باشه؟
    چون کتاب برای نمونه سوالات رایتینگ هست اما متاسفانه پاسخهاشون از قواعدی که شما برای رایتینگ توضیح دادین پیروی نمیکنه.
    سپاسگزارم اگر کتابی مطابق این قوانین به من معرفی کنید.

    1. سلام
      رایتینگ های دکتر ماکار و خانم لیز همین سبک رو دارند. اونها topic sentence و supporting sentence و example توی پاراگراف‌های body می‌نویسند.
      برای دانلود کتاب رایتنیگ تسک 2 دکتر Makkar اینجا کلیک کنید
      برای دیدن سایت خانم لیز اینجا کلیک کنید
      من آموزش‌های سایمون بخصوص قسمت اسپیکینگ رو خیلی دوست دارم، اما متاسفانه سبک نوشتن سایمون توی Task 2 خوب نیست و نمره شما توی محدوده 6 یا حداکثر 6.5 نگه می داره

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