10 نمونه سوال رایتینگ آیلتس پروسس Process Model answer sample

نمونه رایتینگ پروسس process

برای IELTS Task 1 ممکن است مجبور باشید یک روند فیزیکی را توصیف کنید. این ممکن است در قالب یک نمودار نشان داده شود که مراحل یا مراحل مختلف process را نشان می دهد. ممکن است لازم باشد شما یک شی و نحوه کار آن را توصیف کنید یا دو یا چند شی را توصیف و مقایسه کنید.

استفاده از اشکال present simple passive مربوط به روند، کلید کسب نمره بالا برای نمودار فرآیند است. ممتحن به شما نمره ای برای Grammatical Range and Accuracy می دهد و استفاده صحیح از passive باعث تحسین ممتحن می شود.

در این مطلب، حدود 10 نمونه سوال رایتینگ آیلتس process با جواب استاندارد و رعایت چهار پاراگراف مقدمه، overview و بدنه 1,2 آمده است.

IELTS academic writing task 1 process | process Model answer sample

The diagram illustrates the process by which olive oil is produced.


Write at least 150 words.

Model Essay

Overall, this is a step-by-step process that is comprised of seven stages, from the harvesting of the mature fruit from olive trees to the packaging and sale of the finished product.

Initially, ripe olives are harvested from trees by farmers and then taken to a rinsing machine where they are washed in cold water. After being rinsed, the olives are transferred via a conveyor belt to another machine which grinds the olives to separate the fruit from the seeds. During this stage, the olives are ground into a paste, and the olive stones are removed.

The olive paste is then placed in a type of perforated bag before being put through a pressing machine, followed by another process where any excess water is separated from the oil. And finally, the olive oil is packaged and delivered to shops where it can be sold.

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The flow chart below shows the procedures to get a driving license in the US.


Write at least 150 words.

Model Essay

The given diagram details the process of obtaining a driving license in the US.

In general, it can be seen that there are three tests that need to be passed in order to get a driving license, which is, an eyesight test, a written theoretical examination, and a practical driving examination.

The first thing one needs to do to get a driver’s license is to register in a driving license centre and fill out the appropriate forms. After that, an eyesight test is required. If the applicant passes this test, he will carry on to the 2nd stage.

After paying the required fees, applicants will take a written test and will have two extra chances to retake the test if they fail. Once the written exam is successfully passed, a practical road exam will be carried out. It is obligatory to pass both exams to get a driver’s license. However, if one fails the road examination, they can still get the license by paying the fees again and reattempting both tests.

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The illustration shows information about how the igloo is built from snow.


Write at least 150 words.

Model Essay

The diagram illustrates the process that is used to build an igloo from the snow.

There are five main stages in this process, starting with finding an area covered by hardpacked snow and culminating in covering the entrance hole with snow blocks.

As can be seen from the process, after a surface of hard-packed snow is found, a snow saw is used to cut large blocks to the appropriate size to build the base. The edges of the blocks are then smoothed with the saw and are placed in a circle, and a hole is dug under the wall to make an entrance. Next, a slightly over-sized block is precisely shaped and placed on the top of the igloo.

Out of the remaining steps, snow is shovelled onto the outside of the igloo and is packed into all crevices while the internal surface of the igloo is smoothed by hand. Any excess snow is also removed from the inside of the igloo. And finally, a hole is dug in the shape of the entrance and is then covered with snow blocks to complete the igloo.

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You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.


Write at least 150 words.

Model Essay

The given diagram indicates information about how used glass bottles are recycled.

In general, it can be seen that there are three stages in this process, commencing with the collection of used bottles, and culminating with newly recycled bottles used for storing drinks to be sold in supermarkets.

At the first stage of the process, glass bottles are used by customers and gathered at a collection point before being delivered to a cleaning plant by a truck. The second stage begins when the bottles are washed with high-pressure water, and subsequently sorted based on their color (green, brown and clear). After that, the bottles are broken down into pieces in a glass factory and melted in a furnace to form a liquid. The recycled liquid glass is then mixed with new liquid glass and poured into a mold to form new glass bottles.

During the final stage of the process, the recycled bottles are filled and packaged and then transported to supermarkets to be sold.

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  • Commence with/culminate with (v)
  • Deliver/transport(v)
  • Sort (v)

The diagram below shows how orange juice is produced.


Write at least 150 words.

Model Essay

The diagram illustrates the process of producing of orange juice.

There are various stages in the process of making orange juice, beginning with the collection of fresh oranges and ending with the distribution of packaged juice to supermarkets.

Firstly, oranges are picked, loaded onto trucks, and delivered to a processing plant where they are thoroughly washed by a machine. Following this, the juice is extracted from the oranges by a squeezing machine, and the solid waste, including orange peels and seeds, is collected and used to feed animals. The squeezed juice can then either be packaged and sent to the supermarket, or transferred to another factory to undergo an evaporation process.

During the evaporation process, the fresh orange juice is processed by an evaporator machine where the water is removed. The concentrated juice is then canned and transported to a warehouse before being combined with water again. After that, it is packaged and distributed to supermarkets, ready to be purchased.
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