تمرین لغات ضروری آیلتس و تافل (درس 1)

1. Their __________ of the plan caused the experiment to be abandoned.
2. The students had a __________ reason for missing class.
3. It was obvious that the house was built __________ .
4. Louis Armstrong often traveled __________.
5. Mexico became an __________ state in 1817.
6. actually
7. constant
8. disapproval
9. Isaac Stem has won __________ abroad.
10. disruptive
11. The idea was __________ to everyone.
12. The idea of working four, ten-hour work days was __________ to the employees.
13. The player __________ from the competition.
14. valid
15. postpone
16. adverse
17. autonomous
18. Many communities now disapprove of these phones so much that they have forbidden anyone of any age to use them while driving.
19. unfavorably
20. He is late to class __________ .
21. withdraw
22. chronic
23. persistent
24. They were __________ very good soccer players.
25. The attorney's __________ questioning weakened the witness.
26. haphazardly
27. Good __________ is hard to find.
28. There was an __________ change in the weather.
29. Frequent questions during lectures can be __________ .
30. __________ weather conditions made it difficult to play the game.
31. acceptable
32. attractive
33. The referees decided to __________ the soccer match.
34. acclaim

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2 پاسخ

  1. سلام و وقت بخیر.
    من امروز سایت شما رو دیدم و واقعا از دیدن مطالب و منابع فوق العاده اش لذت بردم. تلاش شما برای بالا بردن سطح زبان دوستداران زبان انگلیسی ، ستودنی است . ممنون از وقت و انرژی که گذاشتین. امیدوارم بازتاب این انرژی مثبتی که میدین تو زندگی تون نمود پیدا کنه و هر روزتون توام باشه با سلامتی و شادی.
    پرانرژی باشین استاد زندی عزیز.

    1. سلام
      واقعا ممنونم که اینجوری از سایت و کار من تعریف کردید. خیلی خوشحالم که مطالب براتون مفید بوده و امیدوارم توی ادامه مسیر موفق باشید.

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